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Flaming Squirrel
9 February 1981
aaaaarhhhhrarrararararararrrrrrrh! You likey my blog thingy? wanna seeeee?!?!?! yesh, me thinks you do. I doubt that you'll learn much about me here. Maybe just that fact that I'm really out of left field. seriously, I'm from there. Doesn't matter, I can be quite charming and entertaining. I luff huuuugs...

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alternate states of mind, angels, anime, anylization, april, arousing scents, astrology, avatar dreams, bathrobes, beauty, beavis and butt-head, being dressed, black lights, blood, books, boots, boxes, breath exchange, candles, cats, cemetaries with trees, cenobites, chosen family, christmas lights, consumption, corrective lenses, creativity, crystal balls, crystals, cuddling, daydreaming, death and destruction, despair, dick and fart jokes, dolls, dreams, driving, dusk, eating dessert for breakfast, elaboration, emotions, empathy, enchantment, energy, energy exchange, enunciation, exploration, eyes, face, family, fealty, feathers, flowers, fluffiness, forcible captivation, forensics, furriness, glitter, glow-in-the-dark stuff, halloween, having fantasies, hide and seek, hot candle wax, human nature, imagination, indescision, introspection, keyboards, kissing, knives, leather, living a lie, long hair, magnetism, making moose ears, medical scrubs, metal, misunderstanding sarcasm, music, november, obscurity, obsessions, ocean, painting, peanut butter, petting things, phallic objects, photography, pointing out fallacies, posters, procrastination, projection, psychology, pulling hair, quiet breathing, rain, reading, reality splicing, robert a. heinlein, rocks, scarlet's pierced hoo hoo, science fiction, self awareness, sewing, sex, sex-and-doing-nothing, shiny stuff, silver, sleeping, soft things, stating the obvious, staying up until dawn, stretchiness, swords, tactile sensations, taking long showers, tattoos, teddy bears, teeth, the color black, theatre, things that glow, thinking, time theory, transcendence, transcendentalism, trees, trenchcoats, troll dolls, twilight, ursula k. leguin, visual assault, water, wings, worship of men

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